Frequently Asked Questions

cont-imgWhy attend therapy?

  • Objectivity
  • Peace of mind
  • Support
  • Resolution of current challenges or long standing patterns
  • Spiritual growth

What is a session like?

  • Each session lasts 50 minutes
  • An assessment, including history, is completed over 1 or 2 sessions
  • Goals are set by client and therapist
  • Sessions are tailored to each client
  • A variety of styles and techniques are incorporated according to each client’s needs and can be as concrete or creative as the client prefers

How long will therapy last?
It depends on the goals.

  • Short term could be 6-8 weeks, meeting on a weekly basis
  • Long term could be a year or longer
  • Once the initial goals are met, clients may choose to create new goals stemming from challenges that presented themselves during previous sessions