“I had an awful experience with the therapist in college which turned me off to the idea of seeking therapy again. The relationship between my husband and I became very strained. I had been through a divorce and didn’t want to go through it again without knowing I had done everything I could to save my marriage considering we had a child. My husband is a recovering drug addict, something I had never experienced before. And, his family was putting a considerable amount of strain on our relationship as well. Suzanne helped me work through some pretty deep-seeded feelings as well as lead me to understand where these feelings were coming from stemming from my childhood and upbringing. I feel as though I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. I approach life in a completely different manner. I no longer take things personally and have significantly reduced the drama in my life. My health has never been better. My communication & relationship with my husband is wonderful and my approach to parenting has made for a great relationship between myself and my children. I would highly recommend Suzanne as a therapist. She was THE essential tool in my success!”
Jennifer P.

“When I sought out therapy I had been through a divorce after 23 years of marriage. I was beginning a new life but was suffering with anxiety and depression as well as confusion as to whom I was as a woman rediscovering herself. Suzanne not only helped me with traditional therapy but she also introduced energy work. As we continued our work together I was able to come to terms with many emotional traumas that began as a child and come to a place of understanding and peace within myself. When we had finished I had the courage to embrace who I was and all that I’ve experienced and move foreword. I actually ended up writing a book and publishing it at the age of 54. It is and inspirational \ biography that was born from my work and exploration with Suzanne. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to be brave enough to want to be healed and get rid of the heavy baggage they’ve carried for so long , and begin a new chapter on their journey of life.”
With love,
Angela M.

“Ironically it was at what was supposed to be a very happy time in my life that I decided I needed the help of a Therapist. I was engaged to be married, in the process of buying a house, happy at work etc. Everything was going good with me, however I was feeling deeply affected by some issues that were happening within my family. These issues began to impact my daily life in the form of obsessive worrying. It was after a few months of feeling more and more depressed that I was referred to Suzanne by my Doctor. At the beginning of therapy I did not know what to expect. I just knew that I shouldn’t be feeling the way I was. Meeting Suzanne was a life changer for me. The greatest accomplishment she helped me to attain was the realization of what is within my control and what is not. For me being able to accept this was one of the most freeing experiences of my life. What I very much appreciated about Suzanne was that she was always on my side and there to help me. It is like having your very own personal advocate whose main concern always is your well being. I always felt completely comfortable around her and could tell her anything. Anyone considering therapy I can promise you will not find a more caring, friendly, attentive person than Suzanne.”
Robert C.

“I had a negative experience with a surgery and the doctor. It made me want to explore and reflect on how it related to other aspects of my life. Suzanne taught me many coping skills. She was also great in supporting me and made me feel supported, which I needed at the time. She shared about co-creating my existence, which I still use in my daily life. Suzanne is patient and gentle. She is exactly who I needed at the time.”
Vanessa L.